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MayMYW 30 Day Challenge   #30DayMYW

Transform your world.

Join us for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge!

An opportunity to transform not just your body and mind but your whole way of being and living. 

How does it work?

The 30-Day Challenge is based on a simple philosophy that joins your yoga practice to your life.

What do I do each week?

Attend 6-7 yoga classes.  (Option to do 1 hr. home practice per week.)

Make healthy food choices.

Why May?

•  No holidays to interrupt your practice…Spring Break and Easter are BOTH in the past.

•  May has 31 days, so you get a little break…It’s only a 30-Day Challenge. J

•  Summer is just around the corner…Now is the time to start your transformation!!!

 Who can participate?

•  The challenge is open to all members of Midland Yoga Works.

•  If you are a non-member all you have to do is purchase a one month membership and come to an unlimited number of classes

How do I sign up?

·    Fill in your name on the chart

 How much does it cost and what does it include?

•  It is Free…No Charge

Do I get anything after I complete my challenge?

•  In the drawing for $50 MYW Gift Card.

•  A MYW 30 Day Challenge t-shirt! 

What if I miss a day or two?

•  You can double up the next day, just be sure to notify the instructor.

•  Or you can do an hour home practice on your own, to a DVD or with an online class.

 You can use this four (4) times.

·  Schedule a private with one of the instructors

How will we keep track?

•    Visible chart will be placed in the studio for you to place stickers.


To help you meet your goal...

·      Sign up in April, and you can count the last week of April as make up days.

·      Specialty Mini-Workshops-TBA.  

·      TRY something NEW…Gentle Yoga…Level 1 class…Restorative Class … Rise and Shine