200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

Name:   _________________________________________________
Address:  ________________________________________________
City, State, Zip:  ___________________________________________
Phone Home/Cell:_________________________________________
Email:  __________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ___________________ Age: Occupation: ___________

We would like to learn more about you and your interest in this teacher training program. Please answer the following questions on separate pages of paper.

1.    Why do you practice yoga?

2.    What is your background and experience with yoga? Please include workshops, retreats and trainings. How many years have you been practicing?

3.    Why do you want to take Midland Yoga Works 200 Training? What do you hope to receive from it? What are your expectations and goals?

4.    What styles of yoga do you personally feel most drawn towards and why?

5.    Describe your asana and pranayama practice. What is your inversion and backbend practice like?

6.    Have you ever studied or practiced meditation?

7.    What is your educational and professional background outside of yoga?

8.    Please describe the most challenging moment you’ve experienced as a yoga student in the past 12 months. What did you learn from this experience?

9.    Please briefly describe any training you have had in the fields of anatomy or physiology.

10.  Please describe any special medical concerns you have. Are you currently taking any medications? Please tell us about any past injuries and /or surgeries.

The directors of this program aim to hold the highest regard for each participant’s process for growth and learning. We would like for you to write about your personal commitment to the program, your capacity for growth and your willingness to learn.