Midland Tx Yoga

Yoga for REAL Beginners

4-Week Session begins September 16 Monday or September 17 Tuesday

This class is designed for those who have never practiced yoga or need a refresher. This series will introduce the basic asanas (poses), which include standing poses, sitting poses, and inverted poses (as appropriate for the student).

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Kids Yoga

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Fall 2019 Kids Yoga

Come join us for 6-Week session.

Ages 4-7 do Story Yoga on the mat with Margaret

Ages 8-12 do Aerial Yoga

A non-competitive, creative & fun activity appropriate for children. Kids will explore yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation in a fun and nurturing environment in the Yoga Aerial Hammocks. (Sorry no refunds for days missed.)

Somatic Sound Experience with Matthew Kline

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September 20-21

A Somatic Sound Bath is a unique and powerful experience. Sound produced by the singing bowls, the voice along with other instruments become tools for weaving restorative yoga, vocal toning, and a tapestry that yoke the mind to the body.

Join us for a single session or the whole weekend.

Foam Roller Class

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August 10… 10:30-12:00

Release a few knots and laugh a little. Grab a friend and join us.

This foam roller exercise class has been specifically designed to improved circulation and delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the muscle. This helps your muscles to function at optimum capacity, to recover efficiently, and to remove waste products effectively. Foam rolling or myofascial release is used to self-release the 'knots' in your muscles restoring optimal function.

International Day of Yoga and Summer Solstice

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Join us in celebration of the International Day of Yoga and Summer Solstice!

All Saturday classes are $5.

Yoga for Harmony and Peace!!

Kid Aerial Yoga Camp

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July 8-12

Monday-Friday form 1:30-3:00

Two age groups…. 6-8 and 9-13.

Each group will spend 45 minutes in the aerial hammocks and 45 minutes in floor yoga, or a fun engaging mindful activity.

Parents, make sure you register your child and not YOU! Let me know if you have trouble.

Gallery Event and Shopping ... Anniversary Celebration

Featuring the art of Mary Lambeth, Jamie Muldrow, Christin Thompson, Rhodema Ann Cargill, and Megan Kelley

5:30-7:30pm at Midland Yoga Works

Light refreshments served.

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Weekend Workshop with Linda Spackman

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October 19-21, 2018

Linda is one of our FAVORITES!

We love every time Linda hops on a plane from Santa Fe!!

And you will, too. Don’t miss this special weekend in October with our dear friend.

From Bangalor, India ... HS Arun Workshop

Join us at Midland Yoga Works to welcome HS Arun to Midland.  June 11-14, 2018


Arunji is a master teacher with a light approach to a serious, sacred subject. His infectious humor, understanding of the philosophy and practice of Yoga instills in each student a desire for more.

Each session will be different. 

Attend the sessions that fit your schedule.  

New Prenatal Classes begin May 3

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Prenatal Classes with Jena Carey

Prenatal yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.

Massage at Midland Yoga Works

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Lorena Markezic is a licensed massage therapist.  She will be at the studio on Saturday, February 24 to give free 10 minute chair massages from 10:00-12:30. 

Come a little early to class or stay a little late and get to know Lorena.  

Januanry Weekend Workshop

Paula Weithmadn 2018.jpg

Weekend Workshop with Paula Weithman

January 19-20, 2018

Awaken your practice

Deepen your understanding

Be inspired

Special Event ... Meditation and Pranayama Workshop


Pranayama and Meditation Workshop with Arun.

We are fortunate that Arun is making a last minute trip to Midland and is willing to share is knowledge and experience with us. 

Special Event, November 26... 2:00-4:00pm

The event is FREE. He will take donations.  

Weekend Schedule and Special Meditation Event

Modified Thanksgiving Schedule 2017.jpg

Weekend Schedule and Special Meditation Event

Only 1 Class on Friday, Nov 24

Saturday and Sunday...regular schedule.

Sunday, November 26...2:00-4:00

Grand Opening Celebrations!!!

Grand Opening -- Instagram.jpg

Thank you for being a part of Midland Yoga Works!  We love that you come and share you energy and your practice with us.  

Come join us in celebrating our new location at 4610 N. Garfield B-11. 

October 19.  Celebration Party...light refreshments and aerial demonstrations.

October 21Celebration Yoga ... Free 30 minutes classes from 9:00-3:00