Yoga Odessa

Linda Spackman Weekend Workshop

Dynamic Alignment. Come play with us!  

Through an exploration of Dynamic Alignment, we are better able to respond to life's many joys and difficulties with stable, yet fluid grace.  

You will not want to miss this opportunity to study with one of our favorite teachers. 

Super Fun Yoga Pants...October 8 - 9


It was about embracing the things in your day & your life that make you smile or give you hope. 
It was, and is, about living fully and finding contentment in little ways.

We know what pairs work best on which body types
because we fit them on all sorts of bodies every day. 
And we’re sure we’ve got a pair that celebrates your shape in the way you deserve —
a way that boosts your confidence and puts a little spring in your step!

MYW Yoga Class Coming to Odessa

Odessa Classes begin September 14.

Tuesdays ... 9:30am ... Vinyasa Flow ... Keely

Wednesday ... 9:00am...Alignment Based Hatha Yoga Level 1 +...Nancy

Saturdays...9:00am...Vinyasa Flow ... Chelsea

Sunday...5:30 ... Donation Class ...Variety of Teachers.

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